Oct 01

Tree Removal Brisbane C.B.D. South Bank

During the recent revamping of the gardens and greens spaces of the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane City, it was noted that some of the larger weed species were impacting the more suitable, recently installed native specimens. In particular the Corymbia torelliana or Cadaghi tree. Albeit a native to northern Australia, it is certainly a listed weed amongst the Brisbane City Councils environmental weed trees list. http://weeds.brisbane.qld.gov.au/browse/weeds. Approvals for working on protected vegetation were required prior to the commencement of works. All conditions of the application were successfully met.

tree-removal-south-bank-brisbane-cbdThe task of removing this tree was conducted by Evergreen Tree Care, a local Arboricultural firm who specializes in conducting tree works within difficult places. Some of the difficulties of conducting tree removals on this site were the high traffic numbers, both pedestrian and vehicular. It takes a conscientious crew of trained and experienced operators to manage high risk operations in high profile sites, an operation in which the professional crew at Evergreen Tree Care are more than used to managing.

When conducting works at heights it is essential that the company and its staff are qualified for the task at hand and that their skills and equipment are equally compliant to the conditions of safe work operations. All operations adhere to section 10 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011. http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/law/whslaws/legislation. In Australia the tree industry has no official regulation, so no specific legislation has been applied to working aloft in trees.

Evergreen Tree Care and its management take it upon themselves to make sure they are ahead of the crowd when it comes to health and safety and that the correct use of the latest international systems are put into place. This is a self-governed application and is designed to promote safe work methods within the company.

The climbing systems used by Evergreen Tree Care are European Certified, http://treemagineers.com. This means that the entire system including harness, rope and PPE are all certified is a complete system compliant to the European Standard. In addition to this the Evergreen Tree Care staff are qualified practicing arborists who conduct regular aerial rescue training programmes to help retain proficiency and patient care and extraction.

During the removal of the C. torelliana a rescue climber and his equipment are at the ready to assist if required. However prior to any works being conducted, a full assessment of the site and the jobs methodologies are discussed in a group conversation at the start of the day. All staff are present for this discussion and all staff are required to acknowledge all safety and procedural concerns. Once this assessment is completed the works can then proceed.

A visible site is now cordoned off to remove the public from straying within the works zone. Still, all staff remain vigilant so as to monitor the actions of the public during the operation. Even the brightest signs, witches hats and bunting are not enough to stop the eager public straying into potential harm.

Evergreen Tree Care use the new battery powered chainsaw,As an added benefit of employing industry leaders the Brisbane City Council and the Management of South Bank Parklands were pleased to see Evergreen Tree Care use the new battery powered chainsaw, offered to us by the Stihl Australia. In addition the saws are being charged by solar power while on site. http://www.stihl.com.au/a-new-generation-of-cordless-power-tools.aspx. This allows the team at Evergreen Tree Care to conduct tree works within metropolitan Brisbane quietly. This technique is used by Evergreen Tree Care in high profile sites such as this one. So the ambience of the area is not disturbed and the public are usually none the wiser to our operations.

Once the job was successfully completed, the vegetative waste was removed from site to be recycled into forest mulch. A fantastic product used to improve soil condition and tree health. The space provided will now allow the several Grevillea robusta or Silky oak’s to grow with rapid vigour. A splendid addition to the already well kept gardens of Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands.