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During construction, landscaping or renovations the question of plant retention is often raised. All too quickly a tree or plant is unnecessarily removed; however there is a viable option available so as to retain your trees and plants other than Tree removal Brisbane..

On some sites trees and plants may be deemed significant or of high equitable value, they may even have vegetation protection attached to them. In this case a tree transplant is an affective option. Transplanting small plants and shrubs has been an ancient practice and can achieve desirable and beneficial outcomes.

But what are the available options when the tree is significantly larger then your average shrub. Luckily large tree transplanting can be successfully achieved if the right arboriculture firm is engaged and the client is willing to seek a positive outcome rather than just having the tree removed or cut down.


The Team.

The team at Evergreen Tree Care have assisted with multiple large and successful tree transplants throughout the Brisbane and greater South East Queensland area. These successful outcomes have been achieved by following a few steps. Assessing the viability of whether a particular species/specimen can be transplanted, precise preparations prior to commencement of works, correct excavation and lifting techniques and finally the installation and the vital on going maintenance works.

Some plants will transplant better than others. Some trees are almost certainly going to fail as they are not tolerant to the overwhelming stresses incurred during the works. We would not transplant a tree we did not deem a high rate of success ib this case we will recommend a complete tree removal.

Preparation is one of the vital steps in reducing transplant stresses; we take this step very seriously. Sadly the preparation stage is often overlooked and can be the difference in achieving a successful outcome.

Excavation, lifting and logistics are obviously a vital step, for without this stage the tree simply would not move. There are multiple options available and all are reliant on the trees weight, shape, position of installation and importantly site condition. If you get this stage wrong then the job will quickly escalate into a costly and quite possibly a dangerous situation.

The stage of post installation maintenance is vital and this can be applied to all tree pruning, tree care and tree installation works.  The tree will suffer significant stress during the works and managing the plants reaction to the new conditions and the severance of some roots is vital. Too often the forecast for the plants health is over looked and will almost certainly end in plant death. This would them be a failure and is a costly and embarrassing outcome.

If you are considering the option of transplant please do not hesitate in contacting a reputable Arborist, not all Arborists will know how to transplant, so do your research. Evergreen Tree Care is available to provide consultancy regarding all transplant works.  Transplanted trees should be able to fit into their new environment comfortably and continue to live in good health for the duration of the trees life span.

Brisbane Tree Removal. In the event that the tree cannot be transplanted We also do Tree removal in Brisbane.

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