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Any company that does not display its credentials, insurance and sufficient safety requirements is usually a ‘Tree Lopper’. Tree loppers are the scourge of the tree service industry. They have little to no respect for the environment; no understanding of tree biology; care little for the effects their malpractice has on trees; provide a continuance of negative public opinion; and a continuance of undermining what should be an accountable, reliable and ethical tree industry.

Sadly, in Australia due to mismanagement and personal agendas, the tree care industry has been unable to regulate tree care practices. This has led to the tree lopper being able to bluff the public with scare tactics and misinformation about correct tree care methods. This is a bad outcome for the trees, a bad outcome for the clients and bad outcome for the staff of the operators as they are usually working under unsatisfactory conditions.

This is an example of poor tree work. We are Professional tree lopping and tree pruning Brisbane North. Fully qualified arborists.

Bad tree lopping can leave your trees looking like this.

A tree lopper will not be able to provide correct information that is insurable. They will not be able to conduct work that adheres to the Australian standard, they will not be able to provide the full gamete of ethical tree care practices and they generally will not be able to provide the quality tree work you require. If you take advice from a tree lopper and act upon that advice, it is a sad reality that you will be unsatisfied and your trees will suffer; furthermore, it is likely the work being conducted will leave your trees unstable, more likely to fail and aesthetically unsatisfactory.

When seeking tree professional in Brisbane ask a lot of questions, get the full picture and remember the cheapest quote is exactly that.  By employing these operators you are assisting in unethical tree work. You may also be voiding property insurance, failing to adhere to council by-laws and failing the follow best practices and Australian standards. This leaves you little standing during litigation or the exercising claims. Poor tree practices are generally irreversible or costly.

It is considered that when dealing with trees you should get the work done properly the first time.

If you are looking for Tree Care professionals for the Northern Suburbs Of Brisbane, then look no further. Evergreen Tree Care Brisbane do much more than tree lopping. Infact we will not lop or top any of your trees! We will take care of your trees in Brisbane and make sure that they are healthy and happy.

Another service that Evergreen Tree Care Brisbane specialises in is Professional Land Clearing and maintenance of large blocks of land. We can also arrange stump grinding of palms and large trees.


To request a quote or for more information about tree loppers Brisbane North, send us a message. Please allow 2 business days for a response.

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