Tree Felling Brisbane and Tree Removal In The Brisbane Urban Environment.

Tree Felling in Brisbane and Tree Removal In The Brisbane Urban Environment.

Tree Felling or Tree Removal is dangerous!

Tree Felling or Tree Removal is dangerous!

‘Tree Felling’ or tree removal is to ground level a tree by cutting the main stem at the base, is a technique which tree harvesters have used for hundreds of years. If the conditions are suitable and the operator is highly trained, this technique is the quickest way of ‘chopping down’ a tree.

It is also (in the case of harvesting timber or forestry management) the most efficient way to obtain the maximum amount of timber in the least possible time; this is because the length of timber has been cut to its longest possible length.

‘Tree Felling’ is, however, a dangerous activity and in Australia alone up to 6 DIY homeowners have succumbed to fatal tree incidents per year since 1992 (Brodie, Ibrahim, DFM, Monash, 2010).

Even professional foresters are exposed to highly dangerous situations sometimes resulting in death. These deaths are mainly due to poor training, complacency and poor risk management. This is why hiring a professional Arborist to conduct your tree works is so important, both for your safety and for the welfare of your trees and the community.

In the urban environment in which all residents of Brisbane live, the Arborists or tree managers are in constant contact with hazardous trees in an effort to reduce instances of injury and to also retain our healthy environment. It has been noted in recent research that within Australia it is safer to retain the trees as a living entity and to manage it correctly than to engage in the process of removal, either by ‘Tree Felling’ or other tree removal techniques.

Pre Felling Assessment Stage

If a tree has been correctly assessed by a reputable Arborist and the outcome of that assessment is that the tree has to be removed; then there are certain options the contracted Arborist may employ. For a tree to be condemned for removal the Arborist is responsible for defining exactly why this tree needs to be removed; some trees in maturity even die or become unstable due to fungal/insect/viral infestation and as a standing hazard, can become a nuisance and cause injury to person or property. Other trees are unsuitable for their position and, sadly, need to be removed due to the effect they have on their surroundings. In the instance of managing pest or weed species, it may also be necessary to remove the tree. Other trees are removed for the preparation of construction or Landscape Gardening Brisbane.

Urban Environment Brisbane

Disasterous and devasting accidents can happen.

Little mistakes lead to big problems when removing or felling trees in Brisbane!

Usually in the urban environment, the site or property is not conducive to the ‘Tree Felling’ option and other techniques may be employed. Other techniques may include; piecing the tree down from within the tree by a qualified tree climber, employing the use of an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and/or in conjunction with a crane.

All of these felling techniques are dangerous and if done incorrectly can cause injury and may even be fatal. However, if the site conditions are suitable and the operator has the skills and the correct safety precautions in place tree felling may certainly take place.

This felling action used by urban tree managers or Arborists is a very similar technique borrowed from the tree harvesters and foresters. There are however more sensitive elements within the “Tree Felling’ equation, especially when felling trees in the Brisbane urban environment. Correct safety procedures are of the greatest importance, a high level of skill is necessary, the elimination of hazard is vital and the suitable site conditions all play a significant roll in successful ‘Tree Felling Brisbane’ and or Tree Removal Brisbane.


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