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It’s coming into that time of the year where the days are longer and have that balmy feel. You want to be relaxing by your pool on the weekend or sitting on your veranda enjoying the view.

So what trees do we commonly associate with long hot Summer days and tropical escapes?

Palm trees….And generally speaking, pruning them in the Spring or Summer months is the best time to do it so you really need to be giving some thought now to employing a qualified Arborist to visit your property and tidy them up for you.

If you live in Brisbane, chances are you have one of the following species of palms:-

  •  The Cocas Palms (Syagrus romanzoffiana)
  •  Alex Palms (Archontophoenix alexandrae)
  • Cuban royal palm (Roystonea regia)
  • Travelers Palm (Ravenala madagasceriensis)

It is commonly believed that pruning Palm trees is fairly straightforward however you have to be really careful when doing so as not using proper guidelines and techniques can damage or kill your palm.

A quick miscalculated swipe and you could have irreversibly damaged the Palm’s trunk and/or root ball. Palm fronds generally grow one at a time and can take between 3 and 5 years to mature so you don’t want to undo all of the Palm’s hard work by blindly hacking at fronds which may in fact be perfectly healthy and add a needed symmetry to the tree.

Palms often also grown flowers and fruit stalks.

Archontophoenix-alex-palm-brisbanePalms often also grown flowers and fruit stalks and these can get extremely heavy as they mature and ripen.  If they are left to thrive, they will also absorb and sap the tree’s energy so they need to be removed at the correct time and with the correct technique. The removal of these seedpods will also reduce unwanted bats eating and passing droppings onto your entertaining area. It will also reduce the slip hazard of these marble like seeds on the wet slippery surface surrounding your pool area.

You may also find yourself with a Palm that is outgrowing the space that it’s in and in these instances, sometimes it is necessary to remove a clump of new growth but again, proper expertise must be employed to ensure you don’t end up with a misshaped, dying Palm.

Palms are a beautiful tree and can really add aesthetic value to your property but if done incorrectly you are going to end up with, at best a weird looking tree, or at worst a dead tree that you will then have to employ someone to remove.

At Evergreen Tree Care we specialise in palm cleaning and ensuring that you have many years to come of enjoying your palms.

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