Oct 01

Tree Removal Brisbane C.B.D. South Bank

During the recent revamping of the gardens and greens spaces of the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane City, it was noted that some of the larger weed species were impacting the more suitable, recently installed native specimens. In particular the Corymbia torelliana or Cadaghi tree. Albeit a native to northern Australia, it is certainly a listed weed amongst the Brisbane City Councils environmental weed trees list. http://weeds.brisbane.qld.gov.au/browse/weeds. Approvals for working on protected vegetation were required prior to the commencement of works. All conditions of the application were successfully met. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 17

The Dividing Fences Act And Your Trees

The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011.


Dispute over vegetation on boundary lines?

Dispute over vegetation on boundary lines?

As arborists we are often called upon to mediate in a dispute over vegetation on boundary lines and fences. Although in Queensland we have the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or QCAT to oversee such formal disputes, the Arborist is usually the first port of call or the contractor who has to conduct the works commissioned by the QCAT panel. Often this panel is made up of reputable arboriculture consultants who assess the dispute and the vegetation involved and derive the best possible outcome for all parties and the trees/plants involved. But not all outcomes can be mutually beneficial. Sometimes one of the property owners may have to capitulate or worse, the tree may need to be removed. This is usually the worst result as all too often the ‘tree’ becomes the battle ground for neighbourhood disputes that have derived from issues not involving vegetation, so the ‘tree’ becomes collateral damage caught up in disagreements between stubborn and insensitive citizens. As a consequence of the unliveable nature of their self-created environment the tree is therefore sometimes removed for no reason and will no longer exist for the betterment of future generations. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 09

Arborist Report Brisbane

Tree reports are a tool that can be used to help non-tree experts better understand what is happening with their tree and what might need to happen in the future. We visit the site and look over the tree(s) for signs that are problematic or known characteristics of that type of tree. Many tree problems can be picked up before they become a major concern and maintenance is better than repair, and far cheaper. If you have any queries or questions regarding trees on your property feel free to contact Evergreen tree care via phone or e-mail to arrange a time that best suits you for us to come out and have a look at your trees. There is a small charge for our service that enables us to stay non-biased and give you ethical and correct information. We will never convince you to remove the tree unless it is absolutely necessary.