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Evergreen Tree care are registered Arborists with the QAA

An Arborist is a highly trained tree care professional who has many years of urban forestry experience with a multitude of varying skills and techniques. The position of Arborist became highly valued when the trees within our cities became valued and needed accurate and quality management.

Within the urban areas of these cities, those residents and members of commerce changed their attitudes towards the environment and the trees within it. This then created a need for correct management of trees and amongst the greener towns and cities this became very important. A need was therefore created to have qualified and educated professionals, devoted to the high standards that are required to become a qualified and reputable Arborist.

As the trees became larger and the urban sprawl encompassed what was forest, trees were perceived as a nuisance. They were removed at a great rate and little was done to ensure the protection of these natural wonders. It was only when most of the trees had been destroyed and the quality of our environments and our subsequent lifestyles had diminished, that society realised the value of trees in our urban spaces and the joy and pleasure they bring to those who reside beneath them was sorely missed.

Trees have also been proven to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those lucky enough to live nearby and have also been known to reduce criminal activity. A sure benefit to all.  It is also well documented that trees add significant value to residential properties. Also those properties of age and significance have trees of a great age and significance.

As many of you may already know, trees give us so much and ask for so little. Our native fauna depends on trees for their exisistance. Our air is constantly being replenished by their canopies. Our houses, yards and roads all enjoy the shade they provide; and they give all of us something beautiful to look at as they hide the ugliness of development and their effects of urban sprawl.

An Arborist can work on many levels and can assist both the residential or small property owner and can also assist commercial properties, public spaces and government properties. Anywhere a tree exists that requires a skilful and accurate assessment or requires suggested works to be carried out, an Arborist should be sought. Our trees are too valuable to be left to the untrained and unscrupulous operators who use the realm of trees to eke out a meagre profit on the back of our ever providing natural environment.




An Arborist can identify a myriad of diseases and treat them effectively.

An Arborist can identify a myriad of diseases and treat them effectively.

By carefully selecting an approved and qualified Arborist you are ensuring you have engaged in the best possible care for your trees. What this means is that you will be presented with all the facts available and to also have them explained to you so you are aware of all the facets of your tree situation. This will allow you as the client to make the correct judgement based on the latest techniques, and an ethical responsibility and suitable economic outcome.

It is important for your Arborist to aim to educate you in the requirements you may need. This will help you create an effective relationship between the trees, your Arborist and yourselves. It is also important you feel confident with the operators conducting the work. Often as Arborists we are let

into the sanctum of your homes and private spaces to conduct our work. We want you to feel safe and informed and especially confident that after we have completed the desired work you are satisfied with the result; and yours trees are thankful as well.

It is also important that the Arborist who provides the information be onsite on the day of works, or a suitably qualified operator representing the tree care company. This promotes confidence in the client and also reduces the chance of miscommunication. A lot of correct tree care is based on experience and knowledge gained through research and the ongoing education, so a certain amount of ‘feel’ demonstrated when assessing and conducting tree works. It is somewhat personal; however the trees best interest should always be a determining factor.

Arborists should also have available their credentials, currents insurances and fully up-to-date safety requirements. They should also support all the works conducted and provide continuing assistance should the clients or tree require it.

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